Pure Copper Zinnia Cup Rain Chain 8.5 ft
Flowers are a constant source of inspiration and as a result, they have brought to life countless noteworthy pieces of artwork throughout the centuries and are revered among many in the art world. They continually serve as a regular muse, stimulating and stirring minds and the senses and conveying it on canvas and countless articles among other things. Its openness and animation draw us in the natural world and allow us to appreciate the simplicity and beauty that is found in our reach. Flowers naturally liven up any space and create a dynamic display that lifts our spirits and brings a wave of serenity for us to take pleasure in. The Zinnia pure copper cup rain chain is exemplary of the stimulating effects of nature’s floral designs. It is made to closely characterize the Zinnia flower, with its round and open disposition that makes up the temperament of this particular flower. It is consistently formed throughout, with marked pleated ridging along the petals. This consistency forms a vibrancy that is hard to resist. It is created to serve as a perpetual inspiration and extension of your home to last for years.  Feel reassurance in the substance that is used in the construction of the rain chain. It is made of pure untreated heavy gauge copper, upholding superior quality and worth. The silhouette is professionally crafted, with a wide open mouth extending 3.75”W and 2.5”H to receive and accommodate medium to large rain fall and funneled out efficiently. Its large sized volume makes it a perfect way to garner attention to your home and blends in modestly without overwhelming your space. The total length of the rain chain expands 8.5 feet in length and it includes the pure copper triangular clip for a quick installation. We highly recommend the copper Zinnia cup rain chain be installed with the 3 pc pure copper gutter adaptor kit © which is asked for by name by reputable gutter installers since it provides for a worry free installation.


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