Perfect surprise gift for my Artsy wife – the butterfly cup rain chain
I was trying to come up with different gift ideas to give to my wife for our upcoming 7 year anniversary. This was a very difficult task since I am not good at all at picking out gifts. My wife has a very artsy kind of taste and likes things that are out of the ordinary. She can be picky even with unconventional items so it makes the assignment all the more daunting.  Nevertheless, it made for a good challenging assignment so I made sure to give myself enough time to go out in search of a neat gift idea that would prevail over all other gifts I had given over the years. One thing she does like is spending time outdoors in the yard. She likes to tend to her perennials and watching the birds take baths in a birdbath out in her garden, I could go so far as to say she loves nature. This gave me an idea to get her something she could enjoy while she spends time out in the yard. Since my objective was quite clear, it made the task of finding a garden inspired gift not so daunting anymore. I was actually excited to begin the journey now that I knew what I was setting out to do. Of course my journey began with countless trips to the garden section of retail stores scoping out every item in stock and trying to picture those items in the yard and picturing my wife getting use out of it. There were many nice items but nothing really stood out. Of course many of the items I found were things she already had and made use of only they were fancier looking with creative designs. She could still get more use out of them but nothing out of the ordinary. I resorted back to shopping online and as fate would have it, I saw a sale banner on rain chains. Of course I clicked on it and after a few minutes of finding out what it does, I knew I had found her perfect gift. I purchased a butterfly cup rain chain through Monarch Rain Chains and had them ship it to the house using my wife’s name. Of course she was surprised and couldn’t figure out what it might be. I was quiet and a trifle impatient since I wanted to see her reaction.  She loved the rain chain and told me she was surprised I knew about them and was delighted that I had picked the butterfly theme rain chain. I give all the credit for the gift idea and for giving me this huge selection to pick from. Brent Schilling | Montana


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