Perfect Pre- Holiday Addition For Your Home – Copper Rain Chains
With the onset of Holiday season approaching, what better gift to give your home and Copper Heirloom Rain Chain[/caption] yourself other than a Rain Chain. Monarch Rain Chains has the largest collection of rain chain styles to choose from and an assortment of medium cup, large cup or X-Large cup styles as well as an array of link styles. Pick the one which suits your home but at the same time keep in mind the volume of rain fall in your area. X-large cups handle the maximum amount of rain fall and we highly recommend our gutter adaptor installation kit be assembled along with the rain chain of your choice. The kit consists of a rectangular plate which sits flush on your gutter and the gutter reducer fits on this to form a perfectly assembly for hanging your rain chain. The cross bar debris collector is a very innovative and practical way to block the flow of large debris from flowing into your gutter. Place a large copper hammer basin under your rain chain and voila you have created a beautiful water feature for your home. The rain water makes a spectacular display as it runs down the length of your Copper rain chain into the basin OR into a barrel. Installation is quick and easy and all rain chains include installation instructions which are simple to follow. Keep in mind the water needs to be directed away from the foundation of your home so plan accordingly and enjoy rain chains for a lifetime.

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