New Year, New Upgrades, New Facelift – Copper Rain chains
The New Year brings about new resolutions and new beginnings. It also brings about a need to upgrade and add a little emphasis on bringing about a new look to your home. So go with the flow and allow these important changes to happen at a low cost on your budget. Rain chain is a simple, inexpensive way to add character to your home in a functional way.  Our New Year introductions of the copper cascading butterfly’s rain chainand the flat black aluminum multi cube rain chain are to entice you into wanting to add the beauty of a rain chain to your home. Give your home this inexpensive facelift from one of our over 2 dozen styles. Pick the one which suits the architectural design of your home and voila…enjoy watching the movement of rain water as it cascades down the length of the rain chain. Rain chains do not totally contain all the water, there is always some splashing which actually enhances the beauty of a rain chain.

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