Monarch rain chains Black Friday Savings

Black Friday Sales[/caption] As the countdown begins for black Friday sales, many retailers competing for your attention will want you to buy the latest fashions, trimmings for the tree, holiday adornments and so forth. This holiday season, why not indulge in a smart purchase for your home? With the many trimmings and decorations available for the tree, how about adding some trimmings for the home that will last all year round? A rain chain is a sound choice for giving your home an updated look, a year round decorative component that serves as a creative choice for regular downspouts. This black Friday sales, Monarch Rain Chains is offering special discounts on orders of $250 and $499. For every minimum order of $250 you will receive a discount of $25 or $50 discount off orders of $499.

All our rain chains are built with the best materials available and last a lifetime with minimal maintenance. Each rain chains come fixed with a copper triangular hanger that makes it easy to install into your existing gutter. If that wasn’t enough, enjoy free shipping on top of your savings. Rain chains offer a special decorative yet functional touch to your home that doesn’t require you to take it down ever except for maintenance purposes. We offer an assorted mix of contemporary styles as well as traditional and floral styles. At Monarch Rain Chains, you are sure to find a style that suites your taste. Brows our website and let your imagination run free and experience the beauty rain chains has to offer your home for a lifetime. But be sure to take action since this offer is available for black Friday sales only.

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