Memorial day- Unofficial Kick Off to Summer
Memorial Day 2016 is quickly approaching. Given the season that ensues this holiday, it serves more of a preamble, an introduction to the summer holiday that many eagerly await. It is the unofficial calendar day that kicks off the beginning of summer. What many look forward to more than anything is spending more time outdoors. This is the perfect excuse to get a head start preparing the patio, garden and amp up the landscaping ammunition. Summer is also the perfect time to take advantage and begin those home upgrades you’ve been procrastinating to take care of, and you can begin with your gutters. If you’ve been wondering and debating on replacing your gutters, you should listen and follow that thought through with a proactive approach to addressing this issue and having them assessed. If you are in need of replacing your gutters, why not upgrade with a design concept in mind that will not only serve your needs but will enhance your outdoor experience each time you step out? This Memorial Day take advantage of our special offer on 3 of our popular pure copper rain chains and consider how the utility and innovative design of a rain chain can help you achieve your home improvement goals and finalize your exterior home upgrades. For the imaginative and innovative mind, you will truly appreciate all of the artistry that went into designing the Tara pure copper rain chain. It is a whimsical assembly of 7 cups constructed in a tapering shape which are held together through a series of copper swirls, making it a spectacular standout. Get it on sale now! For those who fancy the splendor of the natural world, the Zinnia and Flowerama rain chain will strike a positive cord within you. The Zinnia was constructed to emulate the beauty of the Zinnia flower. Molded with finely scalloped cups, it is an eye-catching assembly of 17 pure copper cups. The Flowerama is another showstopper with its perfectly sculpted hand etched cups with a scalloping detail, displaying a vibrant look. It is made of pure copper and assembled with a total of 20 cups. Why use a rain chain - Using a rain chain is a phenomenal way to enjoy the cascading rain water as it runs down the length of the rain chain and adds a sense of tranquility to the environment. Replace your unattractive downspout with a pure copper link or cup rain chain and know you have stepped up your effort in lowering your carbon footprint by using copper, one of the most recycled metals. These deals won’t be around for too long so be sure to snatch up these deals and get started on upgrading your home in time for those gatherings around the patio and back yard barbecue’s for the summer season !!


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