Developing a True Sense of Style
When it comes to your home-what is the first thing that comes to mind? Do your feelings lean more towards pleasure or dissatisfaction? Home improvements are some of the largest investments home owners make each year and there is no slowing down. If you ever turn on the TV or flip through a magazine, you see a lot more emphasis now on the home and how to makeover an unused console, table, a patio, a bedroom and so on. Why so much emphasis on style and design? Style and design says so much about who we are that it ultimately crosses over to how we live. It influences what we buy, how we consume it and how we benefit from the experience of owning it. And our home is like a canvas that serves as a platform to display our taste and style.  It becomes a creative manifestation of our unique personality.  As you enter each home, you will find that each has adopted a look that is uniquely his/her own.  How do you define your style?  If a lot of question marks comes to your mind as you try to answer this question, it’s important to keep it simple. To define your style, first know who you are- what you like and don’t like- and ultimately you will know what you want to say! Developing a true sense of style usually evolves over time and you will see that personal tastes are constantly changing. However, there is usually something that always anchors us to our true self. What we get inspiration from draws us closer to ourselves and influences how we wish to express ourselves. If you’ve been looking for a creative and meaningful way of expressing yourself through your home, rain chains just might be what you’ve been looking for. Rain Chains are an animated and dynamic way of adding style and design to your home. Rain chains not only add an architectural feature to your home but its open structure appeals to the major senses of sight, sound and touch to truly create an invigorating and inviting experience each time you step outside, especially during the rains. Rain chains are arranged in link or cup styles and each style communicates something different. Some are bold, some simplistic, while others are more artistically and architecturally creative. With many to choose from, you will find just exactly what you wish to say and what you want it to say about you. Rain chains are very much about the home as they are about you.


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