Memorial Day Sales 2014 - Monarch Rain Chains
A call to action: As Memorial Day soon draws near, one cannot help but feel inspired by the heroic actions taken forth by our military women and men who courageously fought to safeguard our freedom. Inspired by the actions of those men and women, it raises important questions of why action is needed when protecting something of high value and importance. All of us are called to take some form of action especially when something important is being threatened. Today, one of the biggest threats that we all face regardless of where one lives is the reality of our eco-system being seriously endangered. As we are reminded almost daily of these threats, one thing that many may call to mind is how we can contribute to offset these dangers. With natural resources becoming depleted, now more than ever we are all called to act in response to this dire situation. Luckily, a rain chain can provide a unique solution for this problem and help contribute to a better world. To better get an appreciation for a rain chain, it’s important to consider its origins. Rain chains were discovered hundreds of years ago in Japan to transport rain water from roof tops of temples and high buildings to the ground. Over time, they have developed and evolved into the beautiful decorative form your currently see without having lost its function. The Japanese culture stresses the importance of nature and helping to preserve it. With this reverence due to nature, it only seemed natural to use rain fall in a way that would serve the environment. Thus, basins and large urns were used to capture rain fall and recycled for other uses. Today, that concept has not been lost but rather has continued in the spirit and tradition of its original use. Just more than looks: While many are taken with the beautiful form and style that rain chains possess, it might seem easy to get carried away with the aesthetic quality. A rain chain is more than just a pretty downspout. It is a decorative piece and an exceptional alternative to plastic gutter downspouts. It is meant to efficiently and creatively transport rain fall from your gutter drain through the length of your rain chain. A rain chain achieves this goal through the succession of cups or links that makes up a rain chain. These cups serve to contain the water in a more orderly fashion and transport it down from cup to cup. The chief goal of a rain chain is to serve your gutter need while providing a beautiful visual. A rain chain provides this support and has unique attributes that make them aesthetically pleasing.

Doing your part to preserve the environment by using rain chains:

Rain chains have a unique attribute in that they are made of 100% pure copper. While many items may have some form of copper plating or consist of hazardous materials, feel confident that what you are getting is the real deal. All of the rain chains you see contain no harmful toxins. What you get is pure copper, in its raw and unaffected form. In addition to this great quality, rain chains are arranged in a way that helps promote salvaging water for future use. Using basins or other containers, as the rain fall makes its way down like a waterfall feature it is an encouragement to salvage the water for other purposes. It helps foster a new way of giving back to the environment. Many to choose from: Because we understand your needs, we offer a wide selection of styles and various sizes to choose from that conform to your wants and needs. If you desire a rain chain that contains the water in a more restrained and orderly manner, a cup style rain chain will work better for you. It offers a unique and inviting atmosphere where you can enjoy visual entertainment unfold before your eyes. Link styles are just as amusing, as they fuse together with the rain fall to create a pleasing cascading waterfall feature that are sure to delight. To feel ever more confident that you are getting optimal results, be sure to check out our 3 piece gutter kit. A gutter reducer is placed in your gutter hole as a way to better secure your rain chain and control the flow of rain fall in a more efficient manner. The copper plate is used to secure the position of the gutter reducer and hold it in place. The filter is placed inside the gutter reducer to hold back any debris from cluttering. Inspired by the confidence in the product and results, it’s a great way to contribute to the improvement of your landscape and work for a better world.

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