Landscaping with a difference
Over the last few years, rain chains have become a premier resource for helping achieve both landscape and home improvement objectives. As environmental changes over the century have caused homeowners to adapt to a new and green sustainable way of living, rain chains has improved the way homeowners have adapted to green standards of living. Rain chains provide two primary functions: They provide a progressive way of channeling rain fall in lieu of a downspout and provide an aesthetically pleasing approach to achieve this. Rain chains come in an assorted variety ranging from small to extra-large cup sizes and arrangements using floral designs as well as links and more contemporary designs. Rain chains provide landscape professionals with a new way of approaching landscape design. While rain chains primary utility is to serve as an alternate choice among downspouts, they can be adapted in many different ways. Landscapers will find that rain chains can be incorporated into existing landscapes or they can create an entirely new landscape design using a rain chain as a focal point of an outdoor space. Because rain chains are quite noticeable and flexible due to their open ended structure and are loosely suspended from a gutter outlet, they can be used in a variety of ways to create the perfect landscape for your client. Rain chains flexibility will allow landscape professionals to utilize large barrels to not only create a focal point but to maximize water harvesting for future use. This is a great benefit for landscapers looking for new ways of incorporating green living practices based on clients’ needs and adapting to climate changes. Rain chains are also used as part of a holistic approach to creating a Zen like soothing atmosphere. Rain chains are the perfect accessory for client’s looking for an Asian inspired landscape. Installation is simple and quick since all our rain chains come readily equipped with triangular clips for attaching to the gutter. The process of installation can further be simplified with the copper gutter adaptor which is available for a small price. It channels and directs the flow of rain water and creates a simply stunning water feature. Whether you are looking to incorporate a rain chain for a front or back porch, create a water feature or pathway, or simply to improve the outdoor experience for a client, you will find that rain chains will provide more than just utility and aesthetics. They offer a soothing and relaxing component that will never go out of style. Their history can be traced back to hundreds of years which is proof enough.


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