Japanese Rain Chains : Beautiful Addition to Garden
My friend and I recently took a trip to the island of Kamome in the Sea of Japan. Kamome is quite a touristy island nevertheless it serves as the perfect destination for hiking enthusiasts all year round. We had been anticipating this trip for a long time, since we are both active runners and hikers. If that was not a good reason to visit, we can’t get enough of its beautiful scenery, food and culture. Being in the outdoors allows me to connect to myself as well as others. Being aware of nature’s surroundings always reminds me of how precious our natural landscape is. Stepping on Japanese soil and noticing the awareness amongst most people motivated me even more to take some action to help preserve our environment. Having been inspired by my recent trip, I wanted to incorporate something of the Japanese culture in my home that would inspire and serve as a way to give something back to nature. I didn’t have to search very long before I came across a website www.monarchrainchains.com that sells Japanese rain chains. It was hard to believe that an item can be functional as well as beautiful. It was unclear to me why the general public does not know about Japanese rain chains and the use and function they provide.. My heart naturally gravitated towards the Mizoko copper rain chain. I simply love the combination of the cups and teardrop links together. The Japanese rain chains approach towards channeling rain fall in a visual fashion is quite amusing. However, the idea of recycling the water for other purposes using basins or barrels is a brilliant one. Most never think of preserving rain water. I decided afterwards that I would also purchase a 21”copper basin to complete the vision. With so much talk of greenhouse emissions, I feel good in knowing that having my rain chain out will not cause any harm to the environment. Since copper is 100% recyclable, it already sets the perfect example of living a green lifestyle and how one can reduce carbon footprint. Thanks to Monarch Rain Chains there is one more environmental defender and protector. The website was very easy to browse through and I was able to find what I needed. I always appreciate a good deal and the cost of pure copper 8 ft. rain chain was a deal maker but even more is a good product with utility to help protect our land and its futute. Jonelle Baker Irondale, Alabama

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