Install a high-quality rain chain and enjoy the rain.
A good rain chain helps in the transportation of water from the gutter of a house or any structure, to collection basins placed on the ground. This accessory not only helps in the efficient management of rain water, but also adds charm to the surroundings. Rain chains were invented by the Japanese, for proper management of rainwater, during the rain season. Rain water flowed down the length of the rain chain and was collected in a basin or a large barrel placed beneath it. This collected rain water was used for various household chores and other purposes. Artists and home owners who enjoy the sound of flowing water install a pump which allows water to constantly run through the length of the rain chain and this creates a beautiful water feature which creates a sense of peace and tranquility. Rain water flows down the entire length of the rain chain and produces a melodious tinkling sound, which creates a serene and peaceful environment. Oxygen from the air reacts with the copper and forms a brown patina, enhancing the beauty of the rain chain. We offer rain chains in a wide array of designs and sizes. You can take your pick from the over 30 different cup and link styles which we carry. A lot of research and development has been done on each style to ensure most of the rain water is captured in the cup style and is transported to the next cup.. Triangular copper gutter hangers are included with each rain gutter chain, which help in the easy installation in the gutter drain hole . Choose the best rain chain which lends itself to your home design and your home at affordable prices, and sit back and enjoy the beauty of rain.

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