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September is a month that marks new beginnings for all of us. It is a time of transition and change, as Monarch ( a rain chains store ) move from summertime conditions and surroundings and into a more seasonal and festive state of mind. It also serves as a special time to begin preparing the home for the upcoming season as well as preparing the home for adaptation of seasonal weather changes. With this in mind, preparing your home for weather changes never got so easier and more decorative than with the use of copper rain chains. As seasons come and go, along with its decorative statements, rain chains never have to be put away with the rest of your seasonal décor. Rain chains not only serve your home, acting as a conduit for channeling rain fall during the rainy season, but it provides you with a lovely piece of decorative art that is there to stay for a lifetime since they are made of pure copper. Monarch makes it easy for you to find a piece that will serve your home’s foundation, as we provide you with the largest selection of styles and sizes to choose from. As you begin your home improvement projects and upgrades, begin by selecting a rain chain to resolve your rain water and gutter dilemma. Take advantage of our special End of Summer Sale Specials at rain chains store and upgrade your gutters and add to the beauty of your home.

Wind chimes at Rain Chains Store

Check out our stately and elegant pure Copper and brass wind-art and add beauty to your home. Hang it from the bough of a tree or on your front patio and enjoy the melodious chimes as the gentle breeze blows through and brings a sense of calm and well being to your surroundings.

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