Copper rainchains versus unattractive downspouts
Monarch rainchains offers a diverse selection of pure copper rainchains for all style homes.  All our rainchains are designed keeping in mind the movement of water from the downspout - all our cup style shapes have a wide open mouth to capture most of the rain water and each cup narrows down to a small opening so water can be efficiently transported to the next cup and so on with minimal splashing. This movement of water down the 8 ft length of the rainchain is a visual delight to watch and the sound of the rain water tinkling down the length of the rainchain is mesmerizing to watch and is the focal point of many a home. Maximize the efficiency of capturing water by following proper installation instructions and collecting the water for further reuse at the bottom of the rain chain. It is imperitive that the water be directed away from the foundation of your home water wise and partake of the pleasure a rain chain brings to your home. Our copper rainchains are produced of the highest quality of pure copper and lasts for a lifetime. The copper is untreated so over time it reacts with the oxygen in the air and forms a thin brown film or patina on the surface which enhances the appearance of the rain chain.

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