Copper rain gutter chains for rainy days
During the seasonal downfall, get the most out of the wet and rainy days not with a rain gutter chain. Monarch rain chains offer you a chance to enjoy those seasonal rainy days outdoors and watch the rain water cascade down from the gutter. Rain chains are attractive alternatives to gutter downspouts and come in a variety of shapes and designs. As rain fall makes its way down the chain, it produces a harmonious Zen like sound which is delightfully captivating to the senses. Furthermore, it is entertaining to watch as the water trickles its way down the entire length, creating a pleasurable display that you can enjoy for hours. Rain chains exhibit like piece of art work and can turn your gloomy wet days into memorable ones that will keep bringing you out to enjoy. Your rain days will certainly never be the same.

History of Rain Gutter Chains

Gutter Rain chains were first conceived in Japan as a way to harvest rain water for later use. This idea is quickly regaining strength in the U.S. and is continuing to make its presence felt all over the globe. Rain chains reinforce the re-use of rain water and are designed with this idea in mind. As a way of continuing the tradition of harvesting rain water and giving back to the environment, rain chains copper material is highly compatible with the environment and strives to continue its Eco-friendly assurance. This declaration has resulted in a wide spread use of rain chains throughout the country and adorns all types of architectural construction.


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