Copper Rain Chains - Perfect Gift for you, Your Family or a Friend!
The holiday season tends to bring out the chipper side of almost everyone around us. You’ll find children grinning as they count down the days till their Christmas vacation begins, grown ups anticipating their annual Christmas parties and eagerly begin the joyous partaking of wrapping up gifts for children and grown up alike. And who can forget about the home! The fun in ushering the festivities is led forth by the flickering lights in our abode, the shimmering trimmings, the jolly Santa’s and reindeers alike. Because no home is ever alike, this season add a decorative statement that will not only bring out the best in your home but will serve you for years to come. Compliment your home all year round and upgrade your gutters with the addition of a pure copper Midori cup rain chain which draws inspiration from the barrel.  The sturdy heavy duty gauge accented with etched lines on its cylindrical shape reveals a timeless, contemporary and progressive appeal that goes great with an asian inspired premise.  Its pure copper material highlights its sturdy and robust quality. Each barrel shaped cup is 4” X 4” and has a wide mouth to capture a moderate to large amount of rain fall. Each copper rain chain extends 8.5”feet in length inclusive of the 5” copper triangular clip and assembled with 12 cups assembled together with 11 rings. We highly recommend installation of the pure midori cup copper rain chain with our 3 pc. Copper gutter adaptor kit © which provides for a seamless, streamlined assembly for channeling the rain water from your gutter outlet.  You can complete your home transformation with the pure copper rain chain 18” anchoring basin © which allows for the rain water to end inside the basin.  The sound of the rain water running down the length of the copper rain chain into the basin evokes a delightful visual and is pleasing to the senses. This holiday season rejoice in the pleasure of a pure copper heavy duty rain chain in place of an unattractive downspout.

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