Copper rain chains, functional and beautiful !!!
Summer has moved on and autumn is here with all its lovely fall colors.  Time to enjoy the  outdoors and partake of the beauty of a sunset on your patio.  But wait a minute, you could also do a quick check to ensure your gutters do not require cleaning and have no debris to hamper the movement of water as it runs through.  Or better still you could upgrade these ugly, unattractive gutters and replace them with pure copper rain chains which are a beautiful alternate to gutters.  Depending upon your taste you could either install a series of rings or copper diamond shaped links or better still, teardrop shaped links if you are into links..OR you could buy the cup styles in the vast variety of shapes offers.  The amount of water you transport from the gutter drain through these pure copper rain chains depends upon the size of cup you buy.  The Xlarge cups transport water most efficiently, as do the large copper stylized cups.  The link styles are a visual treat because they do not contain the water...the movement of water down the length of the link rain chain is  mesmerizing to watch and besides being just a visual treat it is also music to the ears as the water runs down the length of the copper rain chain .At the end of the copper rain chain you could place a barrel for collecting water for further re-use or anchor the end of the rain chain to the pure copper anchoring basin so your rain chain is securely fastened and does not sway during heavy rain and wind.

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