Copper Rain Chain - Perfect Gift Idea...
Has the Grinch stole your inspiration and gift ideas? As you read this, consider it a fortunate occurrence that you managed to find a web page that can provide a solution for the perfect gift idea. Consider the timeless appeal and beauty a pure copper rain chain has to offer. It is not just a temporary solution or a gift with an expiration date, it is meant to perform its function as a functional downspout and last a lifetime, bringing harmony and tranquility to your outdoor space. The Monarch pure copper verdigris tulip cup rain chain is an assembly of 27 pure copper cups finished with a verdigris finish, it will enhance any landscape and continually inspire and bring satisfaction for years to come. As a medium sized up, each cup measures 2.5”h x 2.5”diameter. Assembled with 27 cups, each rain chains total length measures 8.5’ feet long and comes ready to install with a pure copper triangular gutter clip.  We highly recommend you complete your installation with our 3 pc. gutter adaptor kit © which ensures a seamless and stress free assembly at a low price. To help you find the perfect gift, grab your holiday gift list of people you want to “wow” and consider rain chains as a unique holiday gift ideas.

Copper Rain Chains Unique Holiday Gift Ideas

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