Copper Juno rain chain for a starting the New Year the right way
If you find your home is lacking inspiration or if you’re simply looking for an inventive fitting for your outdoor space to embrace the New Year, the Juno pure copper rain chain might be what you are looking for.  Keeping the design conscious person in mind, the Juno offers a one of a kind ingenuity that you can’t find anywhere. Notable is its container like form with undulation and finished with a unique base that sets it apart from traditional style rain chains. Part of what makes a home stand out is the little touches and inspiring creativity that is put into the landscape. With the New Year just a few days away, start it right by making those subtle changes to your home. Be daring and fearless when making those necessary changes to your landscape. The Juno cup pure copper rain chain offers you that challenge. The composition and dimension of the Juno pure copper cup can be the difference in tying the whole look of your outdoor space together. It provides a unique vision that won’t over saturate your landscape. While it can serve as a piece that makes a statement, its first function will be to channel your rain water down and out. The year of the horse will mark its beginning come January, paving the way for a life of excitement and celebration. Allow the Juno cup copper rain chain to bring your home to life and make your home the talk of the town. It serves as a great way to dress up your home and enjoy the benefits for years to come. Décor come and go with the seasons,  but a rain chain is meant to stay. Each cup measures 2.1”Diameter and 3.2” height. Each copper rain chain comes assembled with 17 cups, extending 8.5 feet in length.

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