Copper Hammered basins made of heavy gauge copper
Rain chain basins have increasingly become an integral part of owning a rain chain. Together the rain chain and basin collaborate in a unique way to serve the needs that are important to maintaining and helping preserve your home. Monarch rain chains has a selection of hammered rain chain basins of pure copper and an eye catching mild steel powder coated basin with a pure copper band running through the mid -section making it a striking looking piece of functional art. Basins are resourceful in serving a fundamental task of salvaging rain water as well as adding beauty and making it a focal point for a rain chain. As we shift towards promoting and cultivating methods of helping preserve our environment, basins are exemplary and set the standard in stimulating interest and awareness of the importance of maintaining our environment. Monarch offers 3 pure copper rain chain basins in assorted sizes, 15”, 18” and 21” made of the best quality of copper which lasts a lifetime. The 15” and 18” pure copper hammered rain chain basins are our anchoring basins which connect the end of the rain chain to the basin providing it with an appeal which is unmatched. It is definitely necessary to complete the look by anchoring or weighing down the basin with heavy smooth rocks which add beauty to the entire look and create a beautiful water feature. The rain chain basins come with their own 12” length link for an easy assembly with the rain chain. Our selection of rain chains and basins is unique and asked for by many gutter companies. For additional details on pure copper heavy gauge rain chain basins log onto our website Monarch RainChains and check out for yourself the entire selection and add a piece of unique functional art to your home.

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