Chi / qi or vital energy – positive vibes for the home.
Feng-Shui into your home[/caption] Rain chains have a history of bringing good feng-shui into your home. The cup style or link style transports the rain water and has an openness which allows the water element to play an important role in bringing a natural energy flow and a sense of tranquility. Ancient philosophy in Asia highlights the importance of maintaining a good natural energy or “Chi” which helps in sustaining all living beings and preserving cohesiveness between us and our surroundings. This belief forms part of popular philosophy called Feng Shui which seeks to find a balance or harmonizing effect between the environment and us. Feng Shui takes into considerations architecture and the flow of energy. Feng shui translates as “wind-water” in the English language. Water is likened to abundance, as it sustains life and produces energy and creates a cycle of well-being in our lives. In an effort to achieve a balancing effect in the home, try incorporating water into your space- this philosophy is abundantly clear from the water fountain installed in homes. In using water to achieve a positive energy, it is good to incorporate a body of water that creates a steady movement and flow. Fountains are an ideal and popular choice to create instant Chi and now there is a growing awareness that rain chains creates Chi, or prana another name for chi in the hindu religion or “vital energy” as per the western philosophy.  Cascading Leaves super saver bundle deal[/caption] It is important to understand that Feng-Shui is considered to be an applied science that helps harmonize living beings with the environment to create a positive force of energy. Rather than focusing too much on a list of Do’s, it should be used to create a steady balance in our home and life and not for superstitious reasons. Rain chains are perfect in utilizing water in a way that produces a motion consistent with creating harmony and peace. The cascading water effect is a result of harnessing a natural water element into the home to create a positive flow. It is no wonder water has been consistently used throughout the ages to help bring a soothing effect into the home. A rain chain not only provides a window to see this affect but the gentle sounds of water promotes a smooth flow of energy and serves as a perfect balance between the outer and inner world affecting the entire ambiance of a space. We hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any feedback or comment about this topic, we would love to hear from you.  Leave us a comment or visit our Facebook page.


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