Aluminum Rain Chains Black Ring
The simply yet perfectly crafted loops acquire a refined elegance and sophistication that pairs great with craftsman style homes, traditional and modern homes. The finish- a black even powder coating on the surface which offers a great benefit in obtaining a superior resistance towards corrosion. The powder coated matte finish lends itself to the strong look of the rain chain. Each aluminum rain chain ring has dimensions of 2”length and 2”diameter. Aluminum material naturally weighs less so it is recommended you anchor your aluminum rain chains especially in areas of high winds or excessive weather conditions. Since the design structure of the chain is open and uninhibited, the water moves freely and loosely down the path of the chain, creating an imaginative waterfall. Each aluminum rain chains contains a crossbar attachment piece that allows you to hook your rain chain to your gutter. This process can be further simplified through the use of an aluminum gutter adaptor © to help streamline and bridge both the gutter and rain chain together. The cross bar measures exactly 8”in length. You may want to check your gutter specifications to determine if a gutter adaptor will be needed for installation. It should be noted that splashing is a natural occurrence and due to gravity and wind, not all of the water will be contained within the rain chain.  A beneficial attribute from the ring rain chain is that it allows you to see the rain water travelling down the length which is normally hidden. The open ended structure of the chain as evident in the loop style form enables you to see the water travel casually and unreservedly down the length of the chain. This effect creates a special waterfall cascading feature for all to enjoy. We hope you like the article.  If you have any feedback about our aluminum rain chains gutters or copper rain chains, we would love to hear from you.  Leave us a comment.

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