A memory to cherish a lifetime, Hawaii nostalgia
I had recently gone on a trip to the Hawaiian Islands for a friends wedding and made it into an extended part of my vacation. Since I live in the Charleston area, the history of the city is very much imbued into the culture. You have many places to see and do and many pay some sort of homage to the historical background of how the city came to be. Having been raised as a southern girl my entire life, it is often a bit of a shock when you travel to other diverse cities that are much modern and fast paced. It’s always fascinating to see how other cultures are immersed into the scene and you become exposed to different ways of life and how cultures influence the way of living. In the Hawaiian Islands, I was really drawn to all the green foliage and natural beauty. It was a different type of scenery that I wasn’t accustomed to and simply loved it. I was staying in a rental house with some friends and noticed a neighbor’s yard with so many fascinating items in his yard; it was hard not to notice it. He really seemed to enjoy crafty and art inspired objects that seemed to go hand in hand with weather elements. One thing I noticed was a long chain that was linked together and was suspended down into the ground and into a barrel like container. I asked around if anyone knew what this and was advised it was a decorative downspout aka a Ring rain chain Upon my return home I went online and did some research and found out they were alternatives to down spouts. I was intrigued and went on YouTube to see if they had some and found a company www.monarchrainchains.com that had a few videos of the rain chain in action. I loved how the rain made its way down the chain and decided to purchase the floral shaped medium cup pure copper Sundrop with a 14.5 basin to go with it. I placed it in my backyard and every time I see it, it is a reminder of my memorable time in Hawaii.


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