5 creative DIY ideas to try with your rain chains
DIY Rain chains have become a popular and widely acceptable practice of managing rain fall from roof gutters. As an alternative to plastic tube downspouts, they successfully capture rain fall for transportation to the ground along with style and appeal.as well . Rain chains functionality and design makes them capable of being used for many practical uses around the home. Here are some innovative ways you can get more usefulness from your DIY rain chains

1. Use your rain chain to create a DIY fountain.

Today, there are many ways of creating a water fountain without spending a lot of money. With just a shepherd’s hook, large flower pot without perforations, hose, fountain pump, and rain chain, you can assemble it together in 30 minutes or less. You can take a few cups from your rain chain to hang it from the shepherd’s hook. The flower pot or other container of your choice is placed underneath the rain chain, twisting the water hose around the shepherd’s hook and allowing the water hose to rest inside the top of the chain as it pumps water into the rain chain.

2. Use your DIY rain chains as pots for your small plants.

What makes DIY rain chains an ideal choice for placing small plants inside is their container like form. Rain chain cups are formed in a vessel like shape that makes it an ideal choice for small plants such as succulents. You can hang them anywhere in your patio or landscape to create a beautiful flower arrangement. They are also perfect to use around areas that are limited in space. Their vertical composition saves space and exhibits a dynamic display of flowers for any indoor or outdoor space.

3. Create a drainage bed or canal for managing rain fall.

One problem homeowner’s face is run-off resulting from your chain downspout. If it is not properly managed, you can experience an accumulation of water in an area and spilling into soil and surrounding plants. This can be problematic as it creates a messy run-off of soil on your property. A quick solution to this problem is designing a drainage bed using rocks to keep the water contained and prevent soil run-off. The drainage bed serves as a creative barricade to control rain fall and keeps plants and soil intact. You may also choose to use small blocks to form a canal pathway to direct rain water from your downspout out into an open space away from the soil and plants. 

4. Use splash blocks to re-direct water.

Another useful way to re-direct water is by using splash blocks. They are placed underneath the outlet of your downspout and as each receives the water, it smoothly spills onto the next and diverts the water into either an open space or into an existing garden. It is also another creative and smart way of preventing run-off. It forms a beautiful cascading passageway that is both functional and decorative for your home. 

5. Make use of small spaces with pots for instant charm.

Perhaps your DIY rain chain is near an enclosed or open space that doesn’t allow much room for large scale design and creativity. That problem can easily be solved by using large pots and placing them underneath the rain chain. You may get creative by adding plants inside your pot or placing rocks or foliage around the pot for instant appeal.  


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