10 Quick Tips About Rain Chains

If the concept of rain chains is new to you or if you find yourself in the decision process of making a rain purchase, you may want to consider a few things about rain chains that will help you get the most utility out of it.


1. Install away from the homes structure.

Many times, rain fall tends to stream down in a concentrated part of the home that is very near to the home’s foundation. Since rain chains are an alternative to plastic downspouts, you want to make sure your rain chain is assembled in a spot which is as far away possible from the structure to avoid a large concentration of water and flooding.


2. Anchor your rain chain.

Because rain chains are loosely detached from the structure and hung from your gutter, anchoring your rain chain is important. In the event of harsh weather elements, you want to secure your rain chain in place so it can resist high winds and avoid any damage to your rain chain. Detailed Installation Instructions are included to explain how to anchor your rain chain or you could attach an anchoring basin to the end of a rain chain. It is imperative that you weigh down the copper basin so it creates a beautiful water feature.


3. Measure your gutters.

Rain chains are design to fit snuggly into standard rain gutters. Most residential rain gutters are 5 inch or 6 inch sizes, accommodating 2x3 inch downspouts and 3x4 inch downspouts, respectively. If your home is custom built with custom made gutters, you may need to purchase a gutter adaptor to install your rain chain. Gutter adaptors are used where the drain hole is larger than the standard size, reducing the opening size to where it can accommodate the rain chain.


4. Splashing is a normal occurrence.

It should be said that some splashing will occur as the water moves down the length of the chain. Splashing adds to the pleasure of a rain chain and creates a sense of tranquility and calm which is very appealing. However we highly recommend you pick a style most suitable for your area. In areas of heavy downpour an x-large cup or large cup is most suitable. In case your taste runs towards link styles rest assured gravity pushes the rain water runs down the length of the rain chain. Since the link styles are open and allow for a complete pleasurable visual.


5. The copper material will develop a patina over time.

As you appreciate the beauty and shiny natural polish of your rain chain, as with all copper material it will oxidize. This means that over time, the copper will surface will get enhanced with a natural brown patina finish, giving it character and charm.


6. Aluminum rain chains will oxidize with time.

Both aluminum styles are available in a silver powder finish and a black powder coating. Natural aluminum finishes will retain their shine for a period of time before they begin to oxidize with a whitish powdery deposit.


7. All copper chains are 100% pure copper.

Our copper chains are made of heavy gauge pure copper. We do not sell copper plated rain chains and pride ourselves in the quality and attention to detail given to each rain chain.. They are constructed using pure copper and are not treated with any chemicals, making them eco-friendly and safe for the environment.


8. Rain chains pair great with barrels

If you are looking for a way to conserve water, utilizing a rain barrel with your rain chain is a smart way of doing so. Many rain barrels are sold on the web that allow the rainfall from your gutter chain to be collected and re-used for future use. It makes a great decorative statement in your landscape as well.


9. Different sizes and styles available.

If you have a preference for a particular style, many assorted cup arrangements and link styles are available that will suit your gutter requirements and style preference. All are displayed with cup size and dimensions to help you make the right decision.


10. Rain chains can easily be modified.

If you find that your rain chains 8.5 foot length is too long, you can easily use a set of pliers to remove excess parts of the chain. This will not hamper it nor will it lose its functional capabilities. Rings are assembled as part of each rain chain that connects the cups/links together. Simply cutting the rings will give you the length you need.


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