Reinventing the Copper Rain Chain Downspout
Generally when you think of gutter downspouts you think of the unattractive plastic downspout which is sold by the foot and installed by gutter companies. But if you are one to think “outside the box” and if you are one to think of “preserving natural resources” the product which would come to your mind would be a copper downspout aka a copper rain chain downspout.  As someone once commented “you really have to stretch people’s mind to get them to think big” but in this case it is think SMART also. With the world’s most important resource “water” dwindling, we have to do all we can to use our resources wisely. What better way to do it and I definitely say better way because how else would you describe replacing a plastic gutter downspout with a series of copper links assembled together to perform the function of a copper downspout. It performs the same function but with an element of design and beauty woven into it which transforms the space and highlights the home décor. A copper rain chain downspout performs way above and beyond the normal downspout. It creates an unconventional environment where instead of rain water being contained inside the downspout becomes a visual treat for people to enjoy. It reduces your carbon footprint since you are using copper which is one of the top recycled metals in the world today. The rain water which travels down the length of the rain chain downspout can be collected at the bottom into a water trough or barrel or large container and reused at a later time again. Landscapers and artists are actively using this novel, beautiful form of rain water channels to transport water from the gutter to the ground. It can be done with a series of artistic links or with a combination of links and cups. Creativity in this form is mind boggling.

Nature & Rain Chain Downspout

As awareness is growing within communities, cities and around the world rain chains in their variety of forms are fast gaining popularity. The melodious sound of cascading water is pleasing to the senses at all times and a rain chain downspout is considered “art in motion “where rain water moves from link to link or cup to cup and gently adheres to the surface briefly before moving on to the next till it finally reaches the end. Instead of letting this precious resource go waste, the age old process by the Japanese of storing and re-using rain water is now actively used world -wide. Do the right thing and install a decorative and functional copper rain chain downspout and marvel at the excellence of nature.

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