Rain chains Bundle set a good value for money
Cascading Leaves rain chains bundle set[/caption] I had been introduced to rain chains by our gutter installer who recommend I buy several bundles for my home versus paying individually for the rain chain and the basin. He mentioned monarchrainchains.com website since he is in the business of installing copper gutters and copper downspout and suggested your website. I saw an ad for your website as I was doing some browsing and noticed the excellent assortment of rain chains, more variety than some of the other prices and 8.5 ft. lengths vs 6 ft. lengths offered on some websites. I immediately saw the specials you had up on your site as well as the coupons for purchasing larger quantity. I was happy about that because since I had in mind to purchase several bundles in copper and I knew the price would be a bit high but the savings substantial.. That definitely motivated me to check out some Rain chains bundle set. I was happy to see that most of them had extension pieces included, a big plus for me. I really liked the Ring copper bundle set and I placed an order for several of those.

Great delivery:

The products delivered within 5 working days which goes to show they were shipped the same day and I was happy with the quality of the ring rain chains, the thickness of it as well as the gauge.

Good Craftsmanship:

There is definitely no way they could bend or easily break. The craftsmanship is excellent. The same can be said of the extension pieces. I was grateful that I got a discounted price and free shipping. The package with the contents inside came packaged really well and found them to be in excellent condition. I can see why a gutter adaptor is useful in these kinds of rain chains. Basically it allows the water to flow out in a more direct and controlled manner instead of the water splashing and coming down all over the place. It has made a difference in my own experience. The Rain chains bundle set is a good choice to go with- you get all the accessories with the chain and it gives you a more complete set. I’m delighted with my choice of the rain chains bundle set. It’s a great choice and value overall. Marcus Jackson | Coral Gables, FL


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