Labor Day SALE 2014
Generating ideas, executing inventions and hard labor have shaped the American landscape like no other country has. With its early history, drawing on the accounts of several great American inventors such as Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and many more the framework of their work ethic has continued to carry on and has no doubt continued to spur motivation in today’s economy. Monarch rain chains dedicate itself to continued growth and in bringing exciting introductions of new rain chain designs along with extensions and accessories to compliment these. A rain chain is a new way of approaching a standard way of channeling rain fall from your gutter downspouts. It creates a new way for your auditory and visual senses to experience and enjoy a calm and soothing environment. This is made possible from how the water travels down a rain chain through the cups or links open structure design. A visually striking experience is especially enhanced through link style chains such as the copper Ring rain chain or our artistic teardrop chain The copper ring rain chain is a double loop design that interlocks with one another creating a forceful dynamic look. Because it is not enclosed like the cup designs are, which are created to contain the rain water, the open assembly of rings allows the water to move freely and travel down in a cascading fashion. The effects are captivating to all visual and sensory senses. There are many ways to utilize your rain chain to maximize its Zen like effects. Many decide to incorporate useful and practical items such as rocks around the rain chain. It emphasizes on the importance of natural elements that help balance and create a relaxing environment. Many outdoor gardens utilize other features such as splash blocks to help direct the water into a water basin, pond or other pool like containers. The idea is to incorporate a moving current of water. This is consistent with Zen basics of using water elements to create a peaceful and calm environment. Because normal plastic downspouts do not provide a visual element, it makes it less motivating and more difficult to create a relaxing environment. Rain chains are not attached to the home structure like regular downspouts are. They are detached and make it easier to design a water feature around the rain chain and add basins or other design elements to enhance the landscape. Incorporating a rain chain means you will still obtain utility and function just like a downspout. However, the design quality means you maximize your landscaping value and allows you to use your creativity to create a landscape that conforms to your needs. A rain chain works with your landscape and structure, not against it. In addition, the copper material will age beautifully into a brown patina overt time. This will give it a nice aged finish that will add even more character to your home. The rain chain has a unique way of positively stimulating our imagination and helping us to appreciate the design and effects it has on our overall self. It has the capabilities to raise awareness of the mind and enjoy a soothing environment for years to come. Labor Day Sale - Take a moment to browse through Copper rain chains selection of premium high quality copper rain chains and see how it is making its own contribution to the American public in improving your homes landscape and rain gutter system and bringing satisfaction to hundreds homeowners each week along with being eco-friendly. You’ve worked hard for it. Don’t settle for anything less than the best-Select the best.

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