How to install a rain chain using Monarch's 3 pc gutter adaptor kit

Install a rain chain using Monarch's 3 pc gutter adaptor kit:

All of Monarch Rain chains come readily equipped with a triangular gutter clip for installation  but to achieve a seamless, worry free installation we suggest using our 3 pcs copper gutter adaptor kit©.   Place the rectangular copper plate (6” X 4.5”)over the gutter opening and if possible using an adhesive to make it water tight.  Then place the top hat shaped adaptor (reducer) on it and this inverted cup fits inside the rain gutter and the rain chain hangs from the groove on the heavy duty brass bolt.  Last but not least place the cross bar copper circle into the opening of the gutter reducer to collect large debris. Enjoy this worry free assembly and check out the clean flow of rain water as it exits the opening. The gutter adaptor kit can handle the weight of some snow during winter and strengthens the gutter to hold the extra weight.


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