Create a Dynamic Display for Fourth of July
This Fourth of July why not celebrate in more ways than you can imagine. In prepping for family gatherings and all of the festive trimmings why not make an excuse to get an inexpensive yet meaningful upgrade on your gutters and show off your home in a festive way with a dynamic rain chain display. While the seasons and all the celebratory holidays come and go, rain chains are there to stay with the changing seasons and even after they have gone. It is a creative way to celebrate life and to take pride in the beauty of your home year after year and feel good about using copper downspouts vs. unattractive plastic gutter downspout As all of your friends and family gather around the yard and enjoy the great outdoor festivities, it presents a perfect opportunity to take notice of your rain chain display and get those great conversations going! Monarch Rain Chains prides themselves not only by being patriotic but providing its customers the best quality rain chains in heavy gauge copper. We have a substantial selection of over 40 styles pure copper and aluminum rain chains in a variety of designs that will please even the most selective mind. If you are not sure on how to choose a style, begin by doing a general assessment of your home’s architectural design/ landscape and climate and check out our selection to see which one lends itself most to your home. We are available to answer any questions you may have. If your geographical area experiences heavy rainfall it will be wise to stick to large or x-large cup style rain chains. For the exterior of your home, if your home is a traditional style home, you have a bit more room to experiment with many of our medium and large cup styles. For more particular architectural homes such as Spanish or Mediterranean, you may want to consider a style such as the hand hammered cup, Funnel, Haru or Tranquility cup style, which can transition more easily into your homes landscape. For contemporary/modern homes, browse our link style rain chains and also check out the heirloom cup, the juno, bell cup and many more. Their sleek compositions complement these homes quite nicely. This Fourth of July why not celebrate in a patriotic way and leave some extra room to celebrate the beauty of your home with the addition of a pure copper or aluminum rain chain. This way, you can celebrate the splendor of your home year round. Happy 4th of July from all of us at Monarch Rain Chains where quality and design go hand in hand.

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