1. Copper rain chains are the perfect solution in this push for making it an eco-friendly environment. 
  2. Copper is 100% recyclable and can be reused time and again.
  3. Rain chains work in lieu of downspouts and enhance the beauty of a home.
  4. Downspouts are usually made of plastic or aluminum and are not attractive, but you could install a copper rain chain which is made of a collection of cups or links which are joined together which efficiently and effectively carry the water from the gutter.
  5. Copper rain chains do not react with water, but copper does oxidize and forms a layer on the surface which prevents corrosion and ENHANCES the appearance of the rain chain.
  6. Copper rain chains or kusari doi as they were called by the Japanese, originated hundreds of years ago and were used to collect rain water from roof tops and stored in barrels for further reuse.
  7. Copper downspouts create a beautiful water feature which is melodious and pleasing as the water moves down the length of the rain chain ending in a drain or in a large barrel for collection.
Our copper Rain Chains draw inspiration from nature’s flora and create a perfect harmony with the environment.

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