Butterfly Rain Chain: A Beautiful Way to Collect Water
Butterfly Rain Chain[/caption] I was looking to purchase a rain chain for my mother who is in her late 70’s and since she spends a lot of time at home, tending to her garden and yard it gave me the idea of choosing something for her birthday that could bring her pleasure and add beauty to her yard. She loves spending time outdoors and reaping what she sows; simply enjoying the beauty of the flowers she tends to and appreciating its loveliness. I was on your website and I saw a beautiful copper cascading butterfly rain chain , which drew inspiration from nature and thought it would be a good choice to buy for her since the butterflies are constantly in her yard, especially during spring it was naturally the perfect choice to go with. I love it because not only would she get something nice and attractive to look at but the cascading effect with the water as it ran down the length of the rain chain she would surely love as well. It would give her another reason to enjoy spending time in the outdoors too and appreciating the attractiveness of the butterflies. Placing the order online was relatively simple and quick and I used the promotion code which gave me an extra $10 off in addition to free shipping- Wow !!! I had it shipped to my home so I can give it to my mother in person and get to view her reaction. Once I explained to her what it does she was so impressed with it and couldn’t wait to get it installed. She really loved it and was very appreciative with my selection. The quality of the rain chain is very beautiful and substantial and details are impressive and worth the money invested. The pure copper butterfly impressions are really beautiful. Thanks for a great product and easy transaction. Am so glad I found the perfect gift which brought a lot of joy to my mother. Sandy Peterson | Jacksonville, FL

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