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Monarch Pure Copper 3 Piece Garden Tool Set Garden Decor > Garden Tools Monarch Abode
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Monarch's Garden Tools are handmade from pure high grade copper providing durability and long lasting value as our copper garden tools will not rust over time

  • Monarch's Pure Copper Garden Tools boasts an advantage over iron garden tools. Iron tools interrupt soil magnetism, our copper tools help with the flow of earth energies that help nurture plants
  • Monarch's Garden Tools are ideal for a variety of tasks including loosening soil, weeding, digging, transplanting, aerating and much more
  • Monarch's Copper Trowel measures 11.5 X 3 inches, Monarch's Copper Weeding Fork measures 11 X 3.6 inches, and Monarch's Copper Trans planter measures 12 X 2.25 inches
  • Monarch's Garden tools are sturdy and durable and an ideal item for the passionate gardener
  • Each tool comes with its own fabric bag