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Monarch Rain Chains Pure Copper Bamboo Rain Chain 8.5 ft. Rain Chains > Copper Monarch Abode
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Monarch Rain Chains Pure Copper Bamboo Rain Chain takes inspiration from the bamboo plant. The exotic beauty exhibited in the pure copper heavy gauge Bamboo Rain Chain brings an ingenious element to your outdoor space. Each cup is made of pure heavy gauge untreated copper allowing it to sustain against severe weather and corrosion. The total length of the Rain Chain extends 8.5 feet and comes attached with a triangular gutter installation clip for an easy setup.

  • Its tiered spherical shape adds a contemporary touch giving dimension and depth to its overall look.
  • Each cup measures 3”H x 3.25” diameter with a total of 20 cups assembly.
  • Minimal splashing will occur and is a natural occurrence of all rain chains. 
  • The classic wide mouth captures more water and transports it from the gutter to the ground.
  • Develops a beautiful brown patina over time.
  • Triangular gutter clip makes installation simple and quick


Size & Specifications

  • Length: 8.5 feet (inclusive of 5" triangular gutter Clip)
  • Cup Size: 3.25" Diameter x 3" Height
  • Cup bottom Opening: 0.75" Diameter
  • Cup Per Chain: 20 Cups 
  • Material: Pure Copper
  • Sheet Thickness: 23 gauge
  • Finish: Natural Copper
  • UPC: 633402275686

What’s Included:

  • 8 foot Rain Chain
  • 5" Triangular Hanger for Gutter Attachment
  • Bottom Connector (Clip)
  • Installation Instructions

Add Length to Your Rain Chain

  • Purchase an additional rain chain and connect multiples together for a longer size
  • All you need is a pair of simple pliers
  • Single connector rings are available in multiple finishes, and are located on our Rain Chain Accessories page

Installation Instructions: Click Here to View PDF Installation Instructions