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Monarch Rain Chains Pure Copper Hammered Rain Chain 4 Piece Bundle Deal
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Monarch Rain Chains Hammered Cup Rain Chain possesses a hybrid of both cups and links forming a unique alliance that has made it the most popular rain chain. Now you can form a system that not only handles the rain water from your gutter but also gives you the option of adding a water feature to your landscape with our exclusive 4 piece set. 

  • The bundle set comes with a pure copper gutter adapter to allow rain water to travel smoothly from your gutter and into the rain chain.
  • The basin allows water to collect forming a water feature unlike any other. It also serves as an anchoring solution for your rain chain.
  • Basin comes with a 12" long adjustable link + Hardware to anchor the Rain Chain.
  • The 3 Foot extension extends the length of your rain chain with a small hook attached to the extension. 

Size & Specifications:

Rain Chain:

  •  Length: 8.5 feet (inclusive of 5 inches triangular gutter Clip)
  • Cup Size: 3.5 inches Diameter x 2.5  inches Height
  • Cup bottom Opening: 1 inch Diameter
  • Cup Per Chain: 15 Cups and 14 Rings
  • Material: Pure Copper
  • Sheet Thickness: 23 gauge
  • Finish: Natural Copper

Gutter Adapter

  • Size: 5.5"(L) x 4.25"(W) x 3"(H)
  • Top Opening: 2.5 inches Diameter
  • Bottom Opening: 2 inches Diameter.
  • Material: Pure Copper
  • Sheet Thickness: 20 gauge
  • Finish: Natural Copper


  • Length: 3 Feet
  • Cup Size: 3.5" Diameter x 2.5" Height
  • Cup bottom Opening: 1" Diameter
  • Cup Per Chain: 6 Cups and 6 Rings
  • Material: Pure Copper 
  • Sheet Thickness: 23 gauge
  • Finish: Natural Copper


  • Size: 18 inches Diameter x 3 inches Height
  • Material: Pure Copper
  • Sheet Thickness: 23 gauge
  • Finish: Natural Copper
  • Hand Hammered Impressions

Whats Included: 

  • 8.5 foot Rain chain
  • 3 ft. Hammered cup Rain Chain extension. 
  • 18" Pure Copper Hammer Anchoring Basin + Hardware
  • Copper Gutter Adapter with 2 brass nuts and 1 brass bolt.
  • Installation Instructions