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Monarch Pure Copper Garden Tools 3 Piece Set

Monarch Pure Copper Garden Tool 3 Piece Set highlights exceptional engineering that has become the hallmark of Monarch products. As gardens become a focal point for today’s home, Monarch’s Pure Copper Garden Tool set allows you to maintain and keep up with the demands of everyday gardening and landscaping work.

  • The trio garden tool set consists of a copper Weeding Fork of 11” x 3.6”, a copper Trans -planter of 12” x 2.25” and a copper Trowel of 11.5” x 3”.
  • This pure copper trio set of gardening tools is the perfect size to carry along with you as you make your way thru your yard and landscaping work.
  • Each piece is made using high quality pure copper metal offering long lasting value that will not rust. 
  • Each handle is made using sturdy material that will ensure tough gardening tasks get done in an efficient manner.
  • Monarch’s gardening trio set in pure copper consists of the ideal tools to help loosen the soil, weeding, digging, trans-planting from one area to another and much more. 

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